About Equilibrium


Where supply and demand intersect to create a fair and equitable marketplace


Equilibrium is an annual marketplace summit, hosted by Sonobi, that brings together visionaries and leaders from across our industry to discuss insights and ideas that are shaping the media and advertising landscape.


Consumers are the glue that bring the business of advertising together. Media brands, agencies, and advertisers all work to communicate and address the people that make up the audiences that mutually drive all of our businesses forward. Yet the technology of advertising has led us to think and transact in a world of impressions, not people. Brands like Facebook and Google have built tremendous technology with their insights and it is time for those of us outside of the “walled gardens” to discuss, strategize and build technology that can blossom a fair and equitable market where brands can have a direct conversation with their most valuable asset: their consumers.


Join us for the 2017 Equilibrium Summit as we work together to build a fair market to address the people that matter the most: our consumers.


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2:00 pm
Welcome Remarks

Michael Connolly, CEO, Sonobi

Diversify & Consolidate?

We’ve seen three key trends emerge in 2017:


1. Budgets being pulled back from high user generated content locations such as YouTube and Facebook.


2. Budgets being pulled out of open market exchanges due to ad fraud and brand safety concerns.


3. Concerns on the growing power of the digital duopoly.


This panel will explore the need to rethink how investment is occurring and how media buyers are reinvesting budgets in a world of fraud, open ad exchanges, varying quality of content, and the burgeoning duopoly.

Building a Better World Together

Premium publishing brands have long leveraged data and content to drive amazing results for brands through their voice with their audience.


Join us for a discussion amongst key partners who have leveraged content and data to drive great results for advertisers.

3:35 pm
Refreshment & Networking Break

4:25 pm

Special Speaker to be Announced!

Preparing For a New Market

Markets are not born overnight. Healthy markets take time; they require investments into technology, processes, and protocols to fuel them.


We have learned many lessons creating the digital marketplaces in which we operate today. For the new market of people-based advertising, the goal is to ensure that it is designed to be fair and equitable, based on the lessons we have learned when building other markets.


This panel will explore what a people-based advertising market requires, and what we need to do as an industry to make sure it is a fair and equitable one.

Product Reveal

Special Guest Speaker to be Announced

Closing Remarks

6:15 pm
Cocktail Reception